College eCashier

Welcome to e-Cashier for Coastal Pines Technical College

Coastal Pines Technical College is pleased to offer Nelnet e-Cashier. Through e-Cashier you will be able to:

  • Make a down payment IMMEDIATELY and arrange for monthly payments
  • Pay in full IMMEDIATELY

You will be able to make payment(s) by:

  • Automatic Payments from your Checking or Savings account
  • Automatic Payments from your Credit Card

The nonrefundable enrollment fee to budget payment(s) is:

  • $30, $35, or $40 per semester depending on the number of monthly payments in the payment plan you select
    Students wishing to make full payment may, in lieu of selecting this NBS e-Cashier service, pay CPTC direct by accessing Banner Web or by other mann

The nonrefundable enrollment fee for Automatic Payments will be processed IMMEDIATELY. A portion of the enrollment fee may be remitted to your technical college. Additional information will be available on the Review and Submit step.

REFUND/TERMINATION DISCLOSURE: NBS guarantees remittance of tuition and/or fees it collects from you. NBS reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time if you are not current on payments or fees due NBS. If NBS exercises this right,the student on this agreement may be dropped from class(es). Failure to pay any debt to NBS could also result in holds being placed on transcript requests, registration for subsequent academic terms, and graduation. If this agreement is terminated forany reason, money collected prior to termination (if any) will be remitted to the Institution, less any fees due NBS. Refunds, if any, will be handled by the Institution and will not be issued until 45 - 60 days after the last day of the add-and-drop period. As noted, enrollment fees and returned payment fees are nonrefundable. If this agreement is terminated, NBS will attempt to notify you via the e-mail address NBS has on file. If e-mail fails, a letter will be mailed.

Do not use your browser's "Back" button to navigate in e-Cashier, instead use the progress tracker at the top. Using the browser's "Back" button may cause your transactions to be submitted incorrectly.

To protect your personal information, this screen will close automatically in 10 minutes.