College eCashier

How e-Cashier Works

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Using NBS e-Cashier is simple. Just provide the information requested and click on the Proceed button at the bottom of each page. Please be sure that you have completed the process by the deadline noted on the payment plan. As soon as you click on the final Submit and Activate button, NBS will immediately implement your payment instructions. If a valid e-mail address is provided, an immediate acknowledgement of your enrollment through NBS e-Cashier is sent to that address. Your payment arrangements will be confirmed by e-mail, letter, or through your institution.

Through NBS e-Cashier you will be able to:

NBS e-Cashier will allow you to make payment(s) by:

The nonrefundable enrollment fee to budget payment(s)through NBS is:

The nonrefundable enrollment fee for Automatic Payments from your bank account or credit card will be processed IMMEDIATELY with your down of full payment, if applicable.


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